Meet Carly

IMG_6372Hey guys! My name is CarlyI’m a 21-year old Junior English major at the University of Florida. I’m a avid food lover, photographer, and “Pinner.”

I’ve been baking and cooking since I was a young kid, between my Grandmother and Mother, I was always surrounded by it. I always wanted to get my hands dirty and be involved. It was always so much fun! But, I’ll be the first to claim I’m not an expert chef nor baker. I can’t tell you how many cheesecakes I’ve ruined, and that’s supposedly a dessert I’m known for. {Yikes! Epic fails!} But, I never let that ruin baking and cooking recipes. {Epic win!}

Recently, I’ve been totally obsessed with Pinterest. It’s a new type of social media where you can go and find anything and everything that interests you. In this case, I’m constantly finding new recipes to try and new ways to try a certain recipe. Hence the birth of my blog!

Anything is possible!

I’ve created this blog to explore the kitchen with my readers. I’m going to take this challenge to find inspiration thorough Pinterest recipes. {Pinspirational} I won’t create any new recipes from those I find on Pinterest, rather I’ll try to master each one I find that interests me.

We’ll be tackling each {Pinspirational Recipe} after another, in the hopes that not only will you learn that it’s fun to learn new recipes, but also that {you can} make these, too.


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